Mini models

It has been a whirlwind of senior photo talk and our model program, with one more fantastic model to wrap it all up!

Let’s hold on that for a moment and switch gears and give you a peak into a fun session with two adorable young ladies . . .

So stinking cute these two!  Both girls have very distinct independent personalities and I got to see a bit of both of them!

Camera shy?  Not a chance!  These girls were super comfortable in front of a camera and ready with their model poses!


The day turned out to be a bit colder than we had originally thought, but the girls were troopers!  We kept them jumping and running around to keep them warm!

The cold chill in the air crept through to us all every now and then though, like this image, which is really saying “I’m freezing” 🙂

So much fun with these two!  I am looking forward to working with them again on a hot summers day!

Don’t forget to check out Facebook for more sneak peaks!


About Sarah Megan Photography

Professional fine art portrait photographer. Specializing in natural light photography, capturing true personalities.
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