Graduation Invitations

Spring has officially arrived!  More importantly for all you seniors, the end of the school year is in sight!  Very, very  soon you will be moving onwards and upwards to bigger and better things!

 It’s Party Planning Time!!!

 Choose one of these six designs for your party invites to use images from your Sarah Megan Photography senior portrait session.

Or, let’s change up the wording and send some out as a Thank You!

 Need to see your images again?

 For the month of April (April 1st through April 30th) we will be happy to reload your senior portrait gallery online and will waive the reload fee! (reload fee regularly $25)

 At this time we will honor your senior package discount!

 Cards are 5×7, double sided, flat cards.

They come in; Linen, Bamboo, Recycled, Pearl and standard card stock.

Let’s get these going for you; graduation will be here before we know it!

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I am very proud and honored to announce that I, Sarah Megan Photography has just been named a Gold level My Beauty Campaign Photographer! 

A Gold MBC Photographer means that the photographer has mastered the fundamentals and understands the philosophy of My Beauty Campaign.  This photographer meets and/or exceeds the artistic and technical photographic standards set by My Beauty Campaign and consistently produces premium images.

This comes at such a fabulous time for me and for you!  If you’ve been up with the blogs you may remember that I am currently offering a 2 for 1 special with My Beauty Campaign beauty transformations!  Click here to read about about the special!  The special runs through January, don’t miss out!

Thank you to all the ladies that have participated in MBC and have helped me climb to the top and become a Gold!  And thank you to MBC for first of all bringing me onto the MBC team as (currently) the only MBC photographer in MA and now the top level!

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A new year a new you?

Hello 2014, how is everyone in this new year?

At the close of 2013 I posted a blog titled 2013 in review – did you happen to catch it?

Of course it mentions the highlights of 2013, the most read blog post, talks of business plans for SMP in the new year and resolutions.

I’m curious, how many of you made New Year’s resolutions?  Have you begun, have you kept it up?  Were your goals geared towards, health, happiness, travel, love?

I ask and would love to hear!  I also ask because as I mentioned in the 2013 in review post, I know many of you are considering a Beauty Transformation, and what a better time to participate then the start of a new year!   Especially if your  New Years Resolutions involve eating healthier, trying new things, being happier, a positive self-image and loving yourself more!   All of these are reasons to participate in a Beauty Transformation as it will speak to all of that and more!  I am sick and tired of hearing people say “I am not photogenic” & “I don’t have any good pictures of myself”  No more!  Love yourself , feel beautiful, be able to say “I am Beautiful” and have beautiful images of yourself!  Make the change today!

We all need help sometimes with our resolutions, moral support from our peers, discounts from local gyms and personal trainers – what about a little moral support and a discount in honor of 2o14?

Yes, that’s right I said both.  Moral support & a discount!

How you ask? A 2 for 1 special!  Book your Beauty Transformation in January with a friend and receive both for the price of one!

This includes your booking fee, your beauty analysis, your portrait sessions & a 5×7 for each of you!  Please note that you do not have to have your actual portrait session in the frigid air of a New England winter if you’re not into that.  The actual process takes a little time and effort anyway, and we will book your session when you are ready.  This is simply to sign up and start the process!

I’m super excited to help you all see that you are beautiful and photogenic! 🙂

For more details, questions or to book contact me today or go to My Beauty Campaign

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2013 in review

Another year has come and gone.

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to in 2013?

What are your goals and resolutions for 2014?

2013 was a BIG year for me and SMP with the addition of the office/studio space, a spiffy new camera, My Beauty Campaign and of course, the biggest thing of all, turning Sarah Megan Photography into a full-time business!!!  I’ll tell you now, 2014 is going to be even bigger!!!  A brand new website is on its way for one and . . . . well I’ll keep the rest a surprise!!!

Oh, but I can’t wait to share it all with you!!!!   I’m SOO EXCITED! (to be read like Agnes from Despicable me when she says “It’s SO FLUFFY”) 🙂

I am proud to say I was much better with the blog updates in 2013 (70 new blogs to be exact) and I will of course aim to be (and will be) even better in 2014.  Looking over the end of year stats this morning I have for you the most popular Blog of 2013!

Drumroll please . . . .

Coming in at over 3,000 views in 2013, the most popular blog of the year is . . .

I am Beautiful Because . . .  a My Beauty Campaign post, featuring Missy.  Missy MBCCongratulations and Thank you Missy for taking party of My Beauty Campaign!

I know many of you are considering a Beauty Transformation, and what a better time to participate then the start of a new year.  So many New Years Resolutions involve eating healthier, becoming more active and trying new things.  How about a resolution to be able to both feel and say “I am Beautiful”

Love it, I’ve had my own MBC experience and I know Missy and the other ladies will agree, the experience can be life changing.  Every woman should be able to say “I am Beautiful”

Thank you all for your dedication and support in 2013!

Here’s to a Fabulous New Year!


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Merry Christmas!

From our home to yours, Merry Christmas!

Thank you for choosing Sarah Megan Photography to capture your memories this year and for your continued support!

May you have a wonderful Holiday with the ones you love.


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you and yoursSarah Logo

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Holiday Photo Tips: Leave Treasures, Not Regrets

This week’s Holiday Photo tip truly applies to not just the holidays, be year round.

We have all experienced the loss of someone dear to us and how hard as those times can be.  It is in those times that photographs often become treasured and more valued, as having memories to hold onto can truly be a blessing when times are tough.

How often have people shared their regret with you of not having taken more pictures, or how often have you looked for an image of yourself or a loved one and realized there really isn’t that many and you wish there was more?!  I hear this all the time!

One thing you don’t hear, something I never, is the complaint of too many photographs of their loved one.

In today’s world where cameras are easily accessible and more affordable, taking photographs and capturing memories has become easier and easier.

Please, remember to take your camera to events, always think about what memories can be captured, and have your family photographs taken more frequently!

Today’s captures will become tomorrow’s most prized possessions!

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Holiday Photo Tips: Capture the memories

The holidays are always a great time to capture some remarkable memories, here are some tips to help you capture those memories to treasure forever.

1.  Use decorations as props, or to set a scene and tell a story.

Holiday Images

2.  Don’t forget the details.  Again, use decorations, capture images of ornaments and the little things that make your holidays extra special, like all of those family treasures and heirlooms you look forward to every year.

3.   Take before and after images of gifts.  Not just while they are being opened as we talked about in last weeks Action tips, but capture the images of gifts under the tree, in a bag or on the table.  Capture the pile all wrapped beautifully before the packages are ripped open and then after they are unveiled and all that paper is everywhere.

4.   Don’t forget the food!  Every family has a traditional dish or dessert, capture it now and watch how it changes or stays current over the years.

5.  Above all, whatever your family traditions may be, make sure they are wrapped up in your film (or memory card) to remember and pass on year after year.

Everyone has their own special take on this time of year, don’t let yours be forgotten!

Play and Have Fun capturing all of your memories that make your holiday special!

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